Mark Brown


Front end chops

The role of the front-end web developer has become more important, more complicated yet simpler in many ways.

Touch swipe events

I had to make an iOS like UI today and transition in different 'pages' by swiping. A few gotcha's and how-to's if you're building something similar.

Vendor prefixes

There are two things that should happen.
Developers should stop coding vendor prefixes by hand & vendors shouldn't add any more prefixes into production releases.

Compass is bad ass

will certainly be using Compass in the future for building sites, whether they are static or dynamic. Pre-compilers and static site generators are all the rage right now, Haml, Sass & CoffeeScript have changed things for the better, there’s no reason to be scared of them.

Dabblet previewers

I was really impressed when I saw Dabblet by @leaverou. It's simple & fast for editing front-end code and sharing it via gists. The thing that impressed me most was the previewers, the animated pie timer & the measuring rulers in particular. These helpful little bubbles that pop up when you mouse over a keyword in CSS which give a visual representation of the values.