Mark Brown



I am a big fan of the Barefoot Investor, this entertaining and helpful book gives simple step by step instructions that any Aussie can follow to become financially secure. His advice is sound and will help you to protect yourself and your family.

I’ve always been a good saver. I was content with less and avoided debt like the plague, I've never owned a credit card. Yet, I thoroughly enjoyed reading and applying the Barefoot strategy because it helped me put our finances on autopilot.

Two years in Europe

On June 8, 2016 Trish and I moved to London on a Youth Mobility Visa for two years, it was great!


I describe travel as one of the greatest privileges and educators, I hope to continue traveling and learning from different cultures and history for as long as my legs will carry me. Still, after a three month trip through India and Nepal and another five months in the Philippines I find myself missing home.


Near the end of a four year stint in a corporate environment I took four weeks holiday by the beach. I relaxed, played guitar, prayed, treated acne, ate well and exercised with running, push ups and sit ups. It was a great time of recovery and healing and I started feeling better about myself and more healthy in the process.


Vipassana Meditation, The Art of Living
As taught by S.N.Goenka


This is proving difficult to write as I have no clear thoughts on what I truly believe or think about death, it's all a bit hazy. Perhaps by the time I'm done writing this rambling piece I won't be pestered by it quite so often.

Back to work

I signed my life away to @inspire9 today, I'm very happy to be working in such an amazing community and look forward to my work there.

First week

My first week on the outside was thoroughly enjoyable and satisfying. Working for yourself somehow seems more honest, you know precisely what you have done and accomplished and are completely accountable for what you produce.

A fresh start

Last year was a big year. I worked really really hard, put my heart and soul into my work, only to start all over again at the end of the year.