Mark Brown


Client-side MVC

What role should frameworks play in the front-end architecture of rich web applications? People are working hard on frameworks to give us a more powerful, easier way to build the types of applications that have become common (single page applications). I find myself agreeing with Jeremy Ashkenas that these all-singing, all-dancing frameworks are not the answer - a minimal framework that leaves you in control of when things happen and doesn't make assumptions about your UI is a much better place to start.

Front end chops

The role of the front-end web developer has become more important, more complicated yet simpler in many ways.

Touch swipe events

I had to make an iOS like UI today and transition in different 'pages' by swiping. A few gotcha's and how-to's if you're building something similar.

SVG Motion Paths

Building a simple HTML5 game this week I've learned heaps about motion graphics, Canvas and SVG. I've also learnt a few new tricks with Sass and CSS transitions for keeping my code clean.

Node, a simple server

Firing up a simple web server is super handy, I've started using node so that I can fire up a server from any directory and view the pages from multiple devices and VM's.