Mark Brown

Hello. I'm a front end web developer from Melbourne, Australia. I love the web, design, good coffee & working along side talented people I can learn from.

A long time ago I wrote front end standards for PageUp People & built an HTML5 game using SVG & Canvas.

I joined Adioso in October 2013, it's fun and also happens to be the best way to find flights for flexible travelers.

Before that I had the pleasure of crafting Inspire9 and Hello Sunday Morning with the exceptionally talented Inspire9 Development team using Ruby on Rails.

I like Getting Real with web applications using open standards HTML, CSS, Javascript & SVG.

For the last few years I've enjoyed working at the best office in Melbourne, Inspire9 in Richmond. It's free to drop in and try out the space, if you need a place to work online for a day say hello to the friendly folk there.

In February 2014 I moved to Silay City in the Philippines for eight months, for fun mostly.

The web will win. Web pages and applications should be made accessible to everyone, on any modern browser or device using open standards.

I'm currently living in Silay City, Negros Occidental, Philippines and working full time for Adioso.

Feel free to get in touch.